Yoga Classes

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Whether you want to just try out Yoga or want to practice Yoga regularly, our virtual classes are for you. 

Join our beginner Yoga classes to learn about Yoga benefits, and how it positively impacts your life.  

Every Monday: Asana Yoga Class

Every Wednesday: Meditation Yoga Class

Every Friday: Rhythmic Yoga Class

Every Saturday: Pranayama Yoga Class

Every Sunday: Rejuvenate Yoga Class

Drop-In Yoga Classes



Every Monday : Asana Yoga Class

Standing asana gives flexibility to the hips, hamstring, spine, and groins. They give strength and stability to the lower limbs, core muscles and build upper body strength. Regular practice can help in correcting faulty posture, brings awareness on how the body works and allows a proper carriage. 

With practice, one can experience a deep connection with the earth and feel grounded.

Every Wednesday : Meditation Yoga Class

Regular practice of meditation, brings clarity of thoughts, improves self-awareness, and mindfulness. Mind being calmer, it reduces stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders etc.. Also one can achieve higher productivity, creativity, inner harmony and peace. It is important to train our mind to become still (without any thoughts) and to empty out unnecessary thoughts. Meditation practice teaches us how to live in the present moment.

Every Friday : Rhythmic Yoga Class

A regular yoga practice is a combination of various asanas and kriyas focusing on strength, flexibility, balancing, concentration, and mindfulness which benefits our body mentally, physically and spiritually.

Regular Yoga practice consists of:

Conditioning (5 min)

Warm up stretches (10 min)

Asana practice (35 min)

Relaxation (5 min)

Pranayama (5 min)

As a beginner, it’s a great way to start and implement a new lifestyle.

Every Saturday : Pranayama Yoga Class

Scientifically proven that Pranayama has many health benefits. It improves the capacity of the respiratory system – good for asmatics, regulates metabolism, aids digestion, boosts the immune system, it helps increase memory, it works directly on the nervous system, improves focus, concentration, conserves energy, brings awareness in every action of daily routine. Mind becomes calmer. It is also a spiritual practice – reduces and stops the fluctuation of mind; therefore one can stay away from doing more karma. 

Every Sunday : Rejuvenate Yoga Class

Healthy lifestyle is like a rainbow – all colours matter. Similarly, in Ashtanga Yoga every limb has its significance. 

Let’s carve out some time from our asana practice and recall what we have been practicing for. Learning a posture with the right attitude can help in solving our purpose. 

For beginners, this 1 hour of class is the introduction to Ashtanga Yoga, the yogic techniques and Shat kriyas. 

10-Class Pass


Purchase a 10-class pass, to attend any Yoga classes offered, up to 10 times within a span of 3 months. This pass can allow you to try out all 5 classes offered, twice.

25-Class Pass


Purchase a 25-class pass, to get into a rhythmic flow of understanding the true importance of Yoga, and unlock all its benefits. You can attend any of the Yoga classes offered, up to 25 times within a span of 6 months.

50-Class Pass


Purchase a 50-class pass, to get into normal practising of Yoga. Experience Yoga with us, as it becomes a regular activity boosting wellness in your life. You can attend any of the Yoga classes offered, up to 50 times within a span of 9 months.

Here are a few useful tips:

Wear comfortable clothing, keep 2-3 hours gap in meals before practicing yoga, make sure your body is well hydrated, always listen to your body – do not force yourself, be enthusiastic and positive about your practice.