About Anubhav Yoga

Anubhav means experience. Life is all about experience, whether it’s your own experience or someone else’s. We learn from these experiences. It doesn’t matter how many times we fail, our end goal always remain to have a happy life where there is money, family, luxury, travel, peace, adventure, love, etc… but we know the fact that so called “happy life” also brings stress, anxiety, frustrations, diseases, conflicts, challenges etc… In life, joy & sorrow are two sides of a coin. It is hard to manage the balance and knowingly or unknowingly we get overwhelmed and disturbed. 

Many times, we forget our capability of molding and shaping ourselves with the clay of experiences. 

Yoga talks about balance. By practicing Yoga, one can learn to maintain a balanced state of mind in every situation. One can learn to accept the unexpectable. It is an art to nurture your soul. In Bhagavad Gita it is said that, “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self” .

Hence, Anubhav Yoga is a journey to experience. In this journey, you will learn the philosophy and practice of classical Ashtanga yoga along with the knowledge of Kriyas, Mudras, Mantra chanting, Pranayama and Meditation. 

Let’s together make this journey a unique experience!!!

About Me

Jahnavi Joshi
Certified Yoga Instructor (Calgary, Canada)

Hi Everyone! My name is Jahnavi, I am originally from India and have been living in Canada since the past 17 years. I love writing, dancing, cooking and practicing yoga. Coming from a religious Indian family, I have always been very fond of Rituals, Prayers, Mantra chanting, Yoga and Ayurveda.

My priority & goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and therefore I am always trying to find ways to stay active and fit within a busy routine. 

I am sure everybody will agree as the Pandemic has given us a very clear insight as to how we view our lives, and how we can truly live happily if we live healthily.

Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Art, and Music, are some of the things one can incorporate in their daily lives to instil self awareness, alertness, confidence, energy and motivation. It gives creativity, compassion and a greater meaning to life.

I was fortunate to advance my knowledge in Yoga to become a Certified Yoga Instructor.

It’s my belief that everybody is gifted with a talent. If wisely used, can not only bring happiness in one’s life but can also bring joy to the surrounding world. I want to share this knowledge of Yoga with you all.

My gratitude to my parents, gurus, elders and all friends and family who have always supported me in this journey.

My dream is to continue living a life filled with motivation, inspiration and contentment.