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Whether you are suffering from body pain, or cannot stay consistent with an active lifestyle, yoga is a great practice to feel a sense of relief, and a healthier body.

Standing Asana Yoga Class

Standing asanas are considered as the foundation of other asana practices. The stronger the foundation, the better we can perform asanas like deep forward bending, backward bending, twisting and inversions. 

Meditation Yoga Class

Meditation is a state to experience bliss, inner harmony and peace.  Regular meditation improves self-awareness. Also one can achieve higher productivity, creativity, inner harmony and peace.

Rhythmic Yoga Class

A regular yoga practice is a combination of various asanas and kriyas focusing on strength, flexibility, balancing, concentration, and mindfulness which benefits our body mentally, physically and spiritually.

Pranayama Yoga Class

Pranayama improves the capacity of the respiratory system, it helps increase memory, it works directly on the nervous system, it improves focus, brings awareness in every action of our daily routine.

Rejuvenate Yoga Class

Healthy lifestyle is like a rainbow – all colours matter. In Ashtanga Yoga, every limb has significance. Let’s take some time from our asana practice and recall what we have been practicing for. Learning a posture with the right attitude can help in solving our purpose. 

Jahnavi Joshi

Certified Yoga Instructor
(Calgary, Canada)

I am Jahnavi, originally from India and living in Canada for the last 17 years. I love writing, dancing, cooking and practicing yoga. Coming from a religious Indian family, I have always been very fond of Rituals, Prayers, Mantra chanting, Yoga and Ayurveda.

My priority & goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home and therefore I am always trying to find ways to stay active and fit in a busy life. 

*Yoga is all about community. Based in Calgary, Alberta, we offer a variety of yoga classes designed for all levels, along with online/virtual yoga classes, workshops, and other wellness services/tips. Yoga & Meditation, along with other exercises go a long way for mind, body, soul and wellness. Fitness and relaxation in today’s world helps provide a better quality of life and a healthier lifestyle. Whether you have muscle pain, back pain, neck pain, arm/wrist pain, shoulder pain, tension or any other injuries, yoga is a great way to stay fit. Yoga can improve your posture, increase stamina, improve balance & stability, reduce stress, help with pain relief, and can benefit heart health. At Anubhav Yoga, we understand and help anybody wanting to start their yoga journey or experience, even at a beginner level with yoga basics. Explore daily practices, workshops, in depth learning with a customized experience. Practice online with us for yoga therapy. Even if you are not in Calgary, Alberta, you can join us through our virtual yoga studio. We provide high quality practices on yoga and mindfulness at a low cost to inspire people of all ages, shapes and sizes across the globe. Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim.*